It’s a well-known fact that no one can beat the experience. Yes, people have degrees people have knowledge but this can’t compete with experience. In Spokane Roofing Companies we have this. We have a combined experience of over 46 years and we have been in the field for around 3 decades. Now tell: Would you prefer a company with experienced personnel who charge a bit more than the company who has zero experience. Obviously, it is the house we are talking about in which the person and his family will stay and anything not suitable if happens then the risk will be directly on the person and his loved ones. This is the reason because of which it is said to spend a little more if you have to but avail the best quality services every time. Money can come again but life will not so be brave and spend what you have on your loved ones and try to keep them safe and sound.

You know that we are a reputed company in the field but if you avoid us because we will charge high prices from you then you are wrong because we won’t we have even devised a package plan for the once who can’t pay up instantly. It is designed according to their budget so that they can pay up easily and freely.

We have got an insurance just for you although it costs us heavy but we don’t care until it is used for the betterment of our clients. We have been in the field for quite some time and in this tenure, we haven’t done a single mistake due wo which our insurance has to pay up but in case it happens then what we will do, So, we have got insurance just as a precaution i.e. as it is known that it is better to be safe and sound  then to be in the harm’s way. So, it is just a precautionary measure.

Who we Service?

We are IKO Professional Shield Pro Plus contractors. We use high grade and quality materials for your home and your other places. We don’t like to take risk in any of the things we do. If you hire us then trust us, we are perfectionists who likes to do their work with full zeal and effort. We serve in the areas of Washington and Idaho.

What we Offer?

  • We offer Residential Roofing Services which is one of our premium qualities i.e. everyone nowadays ted to change their roofs or change their colors etc. from time to time, it has become a trend and is increasing day by day because people say that it enhances the outer look of the house and Roofing is our specialty.
  • We provide insurance claims i.e. if you think that any of our service didn’t last long as you think or something has been done wrong by our staff you can claim it and after inquiry our insurance will bear all the loss.
  • We also provide estimation check surveys and ask you people to avail it before starting to do work i.e. gather the money and then start to do work.


By Ackley