While you are playing, press: LB, RB, LT, RT to bring up the cheat menu. Enter one of these codes depending on the bonus you want.

Toggle the arrival of Lawn Mower: trickedout
Candy rains when a zombie dies: pinata
Candy appears when a zombie dies: daisies
Brain sounds: sukhbir
Zombie dance: dance
Zombies with a mustache: mustache
Zombies with sunglasses: future


Get all the trophies in the minigames, puzzle and survival mode.


Complete adventure mode.


Achievement Description Gamerscore
Garden security You have completed Adventure mode. 25
Mortice Master You have collected 49 plants in the game. 25
I live and conreando You have survived 40 waves of zombie ferocity. 25
Zombists forever You have achieved a bowling victory in the Coop Challenge: Bowling. twenty
Explorer You launched 10 zombies through the air with a single Petacerezazo! twenty
Sprigs sprigs Your Tree of Wisdom is a great sage: 30 meters tall or more! fifteen
Duel against Duel You have achieved a streak of 5 victories in Duel mode. fifteen
Rushed cut You have repelled the zombies after using the 5 lawn mowers. fifteen
“Crash of the Titan” A downed Zombistein serves as compost. 10
Plantplants You’ve planted your first 10 Pea Launchers. 10
Compulsive buyer You bought material worth 25,000 euros or more at the Crazy Dave store. 10
Yum Yum Yum You have shown that you are capable of winning with only three types of plants! 10


Yum Yum Yum (10G): Stop the horde only with Sunflowers, Nuts and Scavenging tft cheat sheetat any level.

Compulsive buyer (10G): Treat yourself and spend 25,000 euros or more at the Crazy Dave store.

Plantplants (10G): Plant your first 10 Pea Launchers.

“Crash of the Titan” (10G): Defeat your first Zombistein.

Ribbon Twigs (15G): Make the Tree of Wisdom grow 30 yards or more.

Close Cut (15G): Beat any level after using all 5 Lawn Mowers.

Duel vs. Duel (15G): Get a streak of 5 wins in Duel mode.

Exploiter (20G): Blast 10 zombies with a single blow!

Zombists Forever (20G): Get a bowling victory in the Coop Challenge: Bowling.

Vivito and Conreando (25G): Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity.

Mortarmaster (25G): Collect 49 plants in the game.

Garden Security (25G): Complete Adventure Mode.


By Ackley